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Saturday, June 15, 2013


WHO'S THE PARENT ANYWAY?  Christian has really been insisting that I delete my Instagram account.  "Why would I do that," I asked, "I love Instagram."  It's true, I love taking pictures, I love the hashtags, I love that 90% of the photos for the Hashtag "#Crewmom" are mine.  I put up pictures of my shoes, nailart, rowing, family pics, things I think are interesting.  But my 12 yo son stated his cause so succinctly and on the money, that I had to relent.  Because, Christian answered, "Instagram is for teenagers and you're not a teenager."  True enough and definitely true.  The lesson:  it's really important that we listen to our kids and teach them that they can talk to us about what bothers them, and that the reward is, we will listen and, if necessary, take action.  Here was my 12 yo coming to me with something important to him.   He didn't go to his peers, his coaches, his teachers, he went straight to Mom, with the expectation that Mom would listen. And while I love Instagram, I don't love it as much as I love my son, as much as I want him to grow up to be a good person, not a frustrated kid that gets ignored.  Ever the lawyer, we cut a deal.  If Christian creates a walk in pantry for me out of my junk room by his birthday (June 21), Mrs. Lo will delete Instagram and Vine.  I can, however, keep my 3 Facebook accounts and 2 Twitters, and he will not get Facebook or Twitter (believe me, he's not interested).  So far, the junk room is looking pretty good.  My gosh, these negotiations were like the Versailles Peace Treaty.  But more fun, and I get a walk in pantry out of it.  Who's Henry Kissinger now?  Have a great day, everyone!  <3  #MrsLo