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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mrs. Lo's Roundup of Local Summer Camps

School is out and for working parents, this can be a dilemma.  Unless you're in that "sweet spot" in life where you have a a teenager at home who you can force into indentured servitude, I mean, convince to watch your younger kids, you're probably going to need a summer camp that serves as child care, hopefully enriches your kids at least somewhat, and also won't break the bank.  Here's Mrs. Lo's roundup of local camps:

1.  Newburgh Rowing Summer Camp.  Of course, as Team Mom, you knew this would be my number one pick. Nestled on 2 docks on the Hudson River at Ward Brothers Memorial Park in the City of Newburgh, this is a hidden gem.  Kayaking and canoeing, rowing in crew shells for advanced rowers, team games, fitness, movies on rainy days, crafts, ecology science training, and more.  Run by certified coaches and certified public school teachers, with Varsity rowers as Camp counselors, this is also a bargain, at only $160.00 per week, from 9 am - 3 pm, with extenion hours available.  But hurry, the first week is almost full, although there is space in weeks 2, 3, and 4 right now.  Sign up at the Town of Newburgh Rec Center or download their brochure at:

2.  Summer FUNdamentals at Bishop Dunn Memorial School.  Highly recommended, my kids attend BDMS so I'm familiar with the program.  The highlights are swimming at the Mount Saint Mary's College Pool, the Drama Program and all the sports, academic and enrichment activities you can choose from.  This is where my oldest learned to play chess and he remains a wicked chess player to this day. Check out the website at:

3.  Hudson Highland Nature Museum Camps.  I highly recommend these camps, they are fabulous but sell out quickly.  If you need coverage from 9 am - 5 pm, this will leave you a little short but if you can find a way to swing it, give it a try.  Christian did the Trekkers Camp, back when it was only 9 am - 12 pm and he loved every minute of it.  It's really a great outdoors experience for all the kids:

4.  Mount Saint Mary's College Sports Camps.  The Mount offers great sports camps, from Basketball to Baseball.  The highlight is the Swim Camp, taught by the Coach of the Award winnin Girls Swim Team (or at least it used to be).  Check out the website at:

5.  Washingtonville Soccer Camp.  July 22 - July 26, 2013.  Run by the wonderful granddaddy of all soccer coaches, the Champion-maker, Mr. Martelli, this camp is only one week but if your kids love soccer, at the local level, this is the one soccer camp you don't want to miss.

6.  Vassar College also offers great sports camps.  Check them out at:

7.  Marist College has a wide array of sports camps for kids:

8.  Just Off Broadway Theatrical Training.  For your budding theatre actor, the fabulous JOB, Inc. offers a wonderful program:

9.  Camp Robbins YMCA.  The oldest and still the leader of traditional summer camps in Newburgh.  Chances are if you grew up in Newburgh, you learned to swim at this camp.  Full days and lots of supervision and outdoor fun.  Check them out at:

10.  Splash and Dash at the Union Avenue Y.  An affordable option for working parents, there is a heavy emphasis on swimming in the huge regulation size indoor pool.  They have the best swim lessons and the best lifeguards around and take pool safety seriously.  They also have field trips, from Lakes and hiking to Splashdown, and just started a Scholastic book fair.