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Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Week of School -- Whatever you do, don't Blink!

This is the last week of school at BDMS.  It's a crazy busy week, as always.  This week we will fit in Field Day, Michael's Class Play ("Charlotte's Web," he's Templeton), the Annual Last Day of School Party at LoBiondoFork on Thursday, the teacher's gifts on the last day of school including the scrapbooks I make them, the NFA Crew Team Dinner Thursday night, and on Friday, the mother of all parties, Christian's 13th Birthday party and the San Miguel Academy Crew Team Graduation Party at LoBiondoFork.  P.S., I still have that other gig going on called being a lawyer and running the Law Office.  The personal planning that goes into this Week rivals anything I have ever seen at any organization I have ever run or worked for, it takes months to get through this week.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  One moment your little guy is walking off the stage, graduating from pre-K, the next thing you know, they will be walking off the stage graduating from Middle School, then high school.  A few dollars at Sams Club and a lot of late nights of cleaning and planning and scrapbooking is a small price to pay, knowing that every major moment happened at my house, and Anthony and I somehow never missed a field trip, or a class play, a crew meet, a soccer game, a feis, you name it.  That is the reason why God created two parents, to be able to cover all of these childhood events. Well, there was that one time, because when Mrs. Lo messes up, it's on a grandscale.  In pre-school, I missed Parent Day.  That's right, Little 3 year old Michael had no parent on Parent Day.  Apparently, it was supposed to be a "Mother's Day" party but to be politically correct they renamed it Parent Day, which meant absolutely nothing to me.  So one of my friends "adopted" (thanks, Krissy Patsolos) Little Michael for the day.  Because it really does take a village.  Lesson learned:  don't blink, don't think any moment at school is too trivial.  Show up in sweats, show up un-showered, show up in a suit and briefcase, send a grandparent proxy with a handwritten note from you, but remember, whatever you do -- don't blink!  Have a great day, everyone, remember to countyour blessings, and special lots of love to the BDMS Families today, last full day of school!  <3 Mrs. Lo (#picstitch of Little Michael at Union Nursery School, top pic, 2007; bottom left, first day of BDMS 2008; right Christian and Michael and Little Michael's Kindergarten graduation 2009)