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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fake Lawyers - Like There's not enough to worry about.

     How do you know if you have a fake lawyer?  Look on the wall, do you see a law license?  If not, you might want to do some checking.  Fake lawyers are more prevalent than you think.  Recently, there was the Arizona divorce lawyer who got disbarred but kept practicing law (he's in prison and, yes, that's a crime). Now there is the case of Terence Kindlon, Jr., who was just indicted in New York City on charges that he falsely claimed to be a lawyer.  The crime of Unauthorized Praactice of Law is compounded when the fake attorney takes money from "clients" and, in Kindlon's case, allegedly showed up in court several times with them.
      Terence Kindlon, Jr. is not to be confused with Terence Kindlon, Sr., who is a real attorney, in Albany, NY.  Dad Kindlon practices law with one of his sons, Lee, who is also a real attorney.  There's another Kindlon sibling, who is a US Marine Captain and a combat veteran.  Dad Kindlon said he stands behind his Fake Attorney son 100% and that his son actually passed the NYS Bar Exam.  Really?  Because passing the NYS Bar Exam is the hard part.  After that it's easy, all you have to do is pass the ethics -- oh wait, that's only easy for ethical people.  Dad Kindlon says his son has mental health issues.  We certainly sympathize with anyone who truly has mental health issues.  But what's the Kindlon family's law practice like anyway?
     In a September 22, 2008 article in the "Business Review" about Dad Kindlon hiring his son, Lee (the real attorney) to join the law firm, Lee is quoted as saying, "The unofficial firm motto seems to be 'Go (CENSORED) yourself' because that always seems to be our response when someone makes us an offer,' said Lee Kindlon, Terry's son.  'We don't care who it is -- we're not backing down.' "  Right.  Well, you might want to back down on this one.
Juliana LoBiondo