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Saturday, July 6, 2013

When is Mom Too Old for a Bikini?

WHEN IS MOM YOU "TOO OLD" TO WEAR A BIKINI - short answer: when the time comes, my kids, who are merciless with their honesty, will be the first to let me know. Today, three generations of the LoBiondo Family will embark on a cruise to Bermuda to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Nana and Pop pop, Anthony's parents. We feel very blessed to have our whole family together and this whole trip was my in-laws' treat. While packing, I had the Style Channel on. Some British woman appeared on screen and pronounced that at 47, one is officially too old for a bikini. (I will be 48 later this month). Uh-oh, I said. I looked at my swimsuit collection. All two-pieces. Except for the Speedo suits I use to swim laps at the Y, and they're not really cruise worthy. It never occurred to me that it might be time to go out and get "mommy suits" with skirts. In fact, although my mom had a killer figure back in the day, she always wore a mommy suit with a skirt. And a bathing cap with little flowers on it, if she was going to swim. I didn't bother to ask my husband his opinion, he's so supportive, that he's almost blinded by love. Like when I came home from the hospital after giving birth to Christian. My husband truly thought I looked great, and had me believing I had lost almost all the baby weight. Then my brother stopped by the house. He gave me a pat on the belly and said, "Hey, Sis, I didn't know you were having twins ... looks like they left one in there!" It's funny now, but it was a tear fest back then. And both my sons have taken on the mantel of my little brother when it comes to honesty. I have cowboy boots I've never worn out of the house. I almost did, one time. My boys stopped me at the door. "Oh no, mom, please, don't wear those out of the house. Ever. We thought that was for one of your costume parties." So I asked my kids, do you think it's time to for your mom to start wearing mommy suits? "What's a mommy suit?" You know, the one piece, with the skirt on it. "Like grandma wears?" Exactly. "No, mom, how could you embarass us like that, please don't get a mommy suit," said Christian, my 13 yo, and I might have seen an eye roll too. "If you don't want people to see you," offered Little Michael, my 9 yo helpfully, "you could just stay in the room all day." Thanks, kids, I guess. I do appreciate the brutal honesty, I could always count on my brother for that, and now I can count on my sons. I guess I won't
make any drastic wardrobe changes for now. Remember to count your blessings, everyone! We are feeling very, very blessed at this moment, as we embark on this trip. Thank you for reading Mrs. Lo's Saturday Morning Blog, have a great day, everyone!  Mrs. Lo