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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Mother's Ode to her son, on his 13th Birthday

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST ELDER SON A MOM AND DAD COULD ASK FOR! -- Christian, when we were waiting for you to arrive, all we prayed for was your good health, we felt to ask for anything more would be selfish and decided to concentrate on the most important thing. So with your good health, our prayers have been answered. With everything else you have brought to our lives and Little Michael's, you have more than surpassed our wildest dreams. You have all of the best qualities of Mom and Dad and only a few of our worst. From Daddy, you received the greatest, most important quality in a man: Loyalty. You are a loyal son, brother and friend to the point where it can be a problem. Now, you are a bigger boy -- but even when you were a little runt, you would stick up for your less fortunate friends and your little brother, even if it meant you were the one to take a whooping. And that quality has made you a great teammate, just right for the sport of crew. Your loyalty to your family, friends and teammates is inspiring. Last year, you asked me to promise that if we didn't have enough money to save the NFA Crew Team, that we would take it out of your college account, so the team could go on. (Fortunately, it didn't come down to that). Also from Daddy, you received your great diplomacy, your ability to see the big picture, your analytical mind, his beautiful blue eyes, and of course, something you didn't get from me: your incredible eye-hand co-ordination. From your Mother, I am trying to give you a little insight into what it means to have a sister. Don't get me wrong, I will always be your Mother first and will always discipline you. But boys that grow up with sisters really have a better understanding of Female World, so when I kid around with you mercilessly, that is because you don't have a sister to do it, and once in a while, I have to think what would your hypothetical Big Sister say in this situation. I am also very careful to remember my grandmother's advice about my brother. Which is to be nice to every girl he would bring home. Because (in your case), I never know who might end up being my daughter in law someday and having control over whether I see my grandchildren. Maybe changing my Depends LOL! You are a great son, a great older brother, a true and loyal friend, and a great teammate. You have been a world class coxswain, and you are just starting your career as a rower. Whether I have been watching Tiny Christian at coxswain, one hand firmly on the rudder, screaming at your rowers that this is where champions are made and give you a Power 10 NOW, or whether I am watching you come in DFL, rowing stroke in that BDMS boat I love so much, the littlest kids in the race, trying so hard every stroke, or just watching you cox an 8+ into the Boathouse, I swell with pride every time I see you in action. And let's face it, I pretty much never miss a meet, unless Little Michael has a feis. I love that I can share this sport and this rowing world with you, I love that you let me do that, that the coaches let me, that the kids let me. I feel that by the time this whole rowing career of yours is said and done, we will have a pretty unique bond, given my role as Team Mom. Wow, this is pretty long! Time to wrap it up and get ready for your birthday party. If anyone has stuck with me and read through this whole thing, thank you! Happy Birthday, Christian, Mommy and Daddy and Little Michael LOVE you!  Mrs. Lo (LOL)