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Friday, July 24, 2015

Mrs. Lo's Top 10 Reasons Why 50 is Indeed Fabulous

Two days ago, I turned 50.  I can honestly say that with a great deal of contentment.  This was not true of when I turned 40; and certainly not when I turned 30.  I am blessed in many ways, and one of them is being allowed 50 wonderful years of age.  Here are my Top Ten Favorite things about Turning 50:

10.  Confidence.  Hard to believe -- but my poor little middle school and high school self was a study in low self esteem.  It took NYU to bring out my self confidence which continued to soar -- to the point where I have to keep my confidence in check.  I don’t ever want to go back to the youthful time when I was filled with self doubt, and I try to shore up the self esteem of middle school and high school girls through my Student Ambassador program.  
9.  Discounts.   I sent in my $16 and can’t wait to get my AARP card so I can start rocking those discounts.  I may not be a coupon clipper but I do love a bargain, from swap meets to thrift stores.  $8 Movie tickets and 33% off my buttered popcorn and slushy?  Heck Yeah, Sign me up!  
8.  I Don’t Give a Hoot!  Really.  I can go to work in my pajamas if I feel like it, I’m the Boss.  The delivery gal gave me a funny look?  I don’t give a hoot!  I conduct my Student Ambassador meetings in Spanish.  Don’t like it?  I don’t give a hoot!  I rarely wear makeup, I sit in the dirt if I feel so moved, and I will tell a judge to their face they are wrong on the law and I that will appeal my client’s case for free.  Don’t like it?  I don’t give a hoot!  (And on the last one, the judge backed down and yes, I won my case).
7.  Social Media Savvier Than Your Lawyer.  The newest Ethic Laws in NYS require all NYS attorneys to have a solid understanding of social media, along with a string of social media requirements that 75% of practicing attorneys in the State do not  understand and many are trying to have overturned.  With 6 public facebook pages; over 2,400 followers on Twitter; a Business Pinterest; and 4 Blogs, I’ve got this Social Media circus tamed and working for me nicely.  I do not fear the new Social Media rules, I say bring them on!  And -- I mean this seriously -- if any attorneys out there want any help with the new rules I will be happy to help explain them - really!
6.  Sagging Skin!  Yes, I list this as one of my favorite things.  I have been waiting for wrinkles but I have more of a saggy face thing going on.  The pressure’s off.   No botox or filler is going to help me (no I don’t use either), the only solution would be a facelift and there’s no way in heck I would ever put a knife to my face.  I have earned my droopy skin.  There is only one thing that can make it go away temporarily -- a big old SMILE.
5.  Career Apex.  As attorneys, our career peak -- where we have the greatest knowledge and skill and are still quick thinking -- and also our peak earning potential, is from age 50 - 65.  So yes, we are going to work our butts off for the next few years but we will also be contributing the most to our clients, the training of our staff and the Bar at large.  
4.  Joie de Vivre.  That elusive Love of Life comes so naturally to me now.  I just wake up happy and go to bed happy.  I wasn’t always like this, I was borderline morbid when I turned 30.  Probably because I wasn’t married yet and didn’t have children yet.  Being settled suits me.
3.  The Partnership that Nourishes.  My hubby doesn’t  like me to blog  about us too overtly but let me say that a partnership in marriage and in business is either going to be an epic fail or an epic success.  Ours is a success.  I guess that says it all <3
2.  Older Kids.  Of course, I love babies and there is nothing like a cuddly little toddler.   But it’s so much fun being able to go places with your older kids and have long, meaningful conversations with them.  And they can pack their own luggage and carry theirs AND mine.  And -- at one place and one place only (outside the home) -- we can all be together as equals, the Newburgh Rowing Club.  Yes, I’m the Team mom and a coach, and yes, Christian’s a State Champion, and sure, Michael is better at bowseat than I am, but at the end of the day:  all three of us are Rowers.  And they know it.
  1. True Gratitude.  I know how blessed I am to be here.  So many of my classmates are gone.  So many tragedies have befallen my parents and the generation before them.  Those were people who lived through wars, were tortured in concentration camps, watched their children die.  When you are raised by parents whose parents had experiences like that, you come to a certain understanding.  All the vacations and electronics and private schools are nice, but they are not what matters.  Love, Partnership, Family, Friendship, Volunteerism, giving back to the community;  sharing an umbrella, band-aiding a boo boo, laughing heartily.  These are the things that matter and for all of these gifts I am truly grateful.

Have a great day, everyone, and as always, Remember to Count Your Blessings! <3 Mrs. Lo (Photo of my FOUR Birthday parties, Wow!)  For more of the Mrs. Lo Blog, visit: