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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Angel, the Alpha, and the School Lunch

From June 4, 2013

THE ANGEL AND THE ALPHA - they say don't label your kids. However, there is a small asterisk, whereby it's OK if the labels are for purposes of your blog on Facebook. Yesterday, my cherub, Little Michael, came home and said Mommy, you forgot my lunch order again, I had mashed potatoes for lunch. And (NAME OF A CLASSMATE) gave me a chicken mcnugget. As you all know, Mrs. Lo's greatest motherly fault is that I ALWAYS forget to print out and hand in the kids monthly hot lunch order. Someone made Little Michael get off the lunch line. (For those wondering, I am about $75K into this school for tuition and Heaven only knows how much more in extra donations and billable hours but apparently nothing outranks getting that lunch order in on time). Fortunately, Michael has a secret strategy and our Angel Friend helps him out. This strategy got him a "red card" meaning he could eat some "sides." I'm sure he could have chosen fruit or salad but of course he chose the mashed potatoes. Meanwhile there is my 12 yo. By way of example, during Sectionals he bow-coxed his boat with no cox box. This means that instead of sitting facing the rowers, he was in the bow, facing away from them. No big deal if you have a "cox box" which basically is a microphone whereby they can all hear you. He had to turn completely around to yell at them, while holding the rudder with one hand; he couldn't see where they were going he had to judge by the distance from other boats. How was that, I asked him? "All in a day's work" he shrugged and replied. So back to the lunch order, I asked Christian: how come you never complain about mashed potatoes. How do you eat lunch every day? "Like a Boss," he replied. And he wasn't kidding. Lunch order completed and on its way. Have a great day everyone!  Mrs. Lo