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Friday, January 15, 2016

Mrs. Lo's Top 5 Tips to Avoid the Winter Slump

Everybody loves the four seasons in the Hudson Valley -- the crisp, colorful Autumns, flowery Springs, lazy Summers on the majestic Hudson River, and of course beautiful, snowy Christmas and holiday time.  But there is one big chunk of the year that we can pretty much agree is Slump Time.  The freezing cold, dark time between the holidays and the first day of Spring.  In other words, Now.  If you’re a fan of winter sports then that’s great, this Blog isn’t for you.  You are that rare breed that has been able to find the FUN in the snow, from skiing to snowboarding to showshoeing.  

For me, my love of the outdoors does not extend to Winter.  I love being out on the water during the nice weather -- rowing is my greatest passion, followed by kayaking and paddleboarding.  However, that’s just not possible in the winter in the Northeast.  
The easiest thing to do during the short, dark, cold days of winter is to hibernate (one of my favorite pastimes, by the way).  However, hibernation without exercise can lead to workout derailment, weight gain and just plain irritability.  Here are my tips to avoiding the Winter Slump:
5.  DANCE!  It’s a scientific fact, dancing is good for you both mentally and physically.  Some say it reverses the aging process (maybe you just have more fun).   There are so many styles of dance to try. I love salsa.  I have returned to Salsa class this winter and I couldn’t be happier.  Salsa improves your balance, increases circulation, keeps you fit and trim, and is a great mood lifter.  Anyone with two feet can do it.  I also enjoy Zumba over the winter, and try to participate in any Flash Mobs when given the chance.  Try Salsa or Ballroom for basic dancing, and Zumba for exercise.  I attend Elements of Style, 779 Route 211 East, Middletown NY, Salsa is Monday the Thursday at 8 pm, the teachers are the best, I have been with them on and off for years.  For Zumba, I love my friend Kattya Fernandez, you can find her at the Tomvac Building in Marlboro, every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 8 pm, and Saturdays at 9 am.
4.  HIT THE GYM with friends.  I am so glad I was able to convince my boatmates to join Gold’s Gym, where I have been for 10 years.  When you go to classes with friends, or meet each other there to workout, you have a much higher chance of showing up and the “we are a team” mentality kicks in.   Favorite activities at the gym:  swimming, Body Flow, Body Pump and Yoga.  
Golds Gym Newburgh
3.  CHALLENGE YOURSELF!  Challenge yourself and write it down.  Or join a Virtual Challenge.  My boatmates and I have joined the Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge.  We set our own goals, and enter it on the computer every day.  Our goal is to each erg (use the indoor rowing machine) 100K meters in the month of January.  We did it in the month of December for charity and are committed to doing it again.  We keep in touch via messenger and encourage each other on.  Concept 2 January Virtual Team Challenge:
2.  CREATE A HOME GYM or an area you can workout in.  At a minimum, have a mat, some “ladyweights” as my sons call them (dumb bells to the rest of the world) and something you can watch Yoga or workout videos on.  Let’s face it, not everyone can afford  to join a gym, or can get there due to their schedule.  My home gym consists of an ergometer and a mat.  Erg and stretch, that’s about all I do at home but it’s enough, and the ergometer (indoor rowing machine) is a great total body workout.  
  1. JOIN THE NEWBURGH ROWING CLUB at Maximum Fitness!  You knew that one was coming.  Rowing on ergometers with the aid of a coach, is probably one of the best all over, total body, kick butt workouts you can get.  And no experience is needed.  For those who row on the water, it’s a great way to keep your muscles “rowing” or to continue the muscle memory of the boat.  For non-rowers, it has been called the “new spinning.”  Give it a shot, what do you have to lose.  The new winter session starts this week and we will be at Maximum Fitness, 59 North Plank Road, Newburgh for the winter season.

Keep your workout going all winter, or maybe start a workout routine this winter.  No matter what you do, get out there and do something!  Have a great day, everyone and, as always, remember to Count Your Blessings!  <3 Mrs. Lo (photos of Mrs. Lo at the One Billion Rising Flash Mob, Salsa Class, Zumba Class, and rowing on an ergometer)