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Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Mrs. Lo is a Nan Fan

I don’t think it’s a big secret:  I am a Fan of anyone who helps kids in the City of Newburgh, and especially the kids in my Student Ambassador Program.  I first met Nan when she was running for Congress in 2011.  It was at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, at a fundraiser for a NYS Supreme Court Justice.  I had no idea who she was, but I was mesmerized by her whole aura.  I’m not going to lie, the first thing that impressed me was her shoes.  You don’t see a lot of people in the Poughkeepsie Grand wearing Manolo’s.  I told her about some of the programs I was working on and she said, “I’m going to remember you, and we will talk again.”  I laughed and said, no, you’ll get elected and forget about me.

            Nan was elected.  But she did not forget about me.  Whenever I have asked for her support of any of the children’s programs and charities I work with, she has been there for the kids.  Sometimes I think to myself:  Nan and I have a lot in common.  We both are committed to children’s causes.  We both have dads who are immigrants, and veterans.  We both have been successful business owners.  We both love Louboutins (what’s not to love?)
            But that’s where the similarities end.  Unlike me, Nan not only reads the newspaper, she creates news.  She knows stuff.  Really, she knows so much stuff it boggles my mind.   From global politics, to national politics, to local news (right down to who’s running for dog catcher).  And she cares.  She notices things like one of my Student Ambassadors didn’t go up to the buffet, and did I think that maybe he had a stomach ache (She was right, he had not eaten.  But that was because he didn’t understand the concept of a buffet.  Once he figured it out, he hit that buffet quite a few times and hasn’t slowed down since).
            Successful people know a few secrets and here’s one:  once you master the art of public speaking, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a room of 50 people or a stadium with 10,000, it’s all the same.  In a sense, it’s easy because it’s fairly impersonal.  You talk, the crowd listens.  However, there are precious few people who can work a crowd AND sit, talk and listen in small groups.  I’ve seen Nan bring huge crowds to their feet with standing ovations.  I’ve also seen her on my back porch, sitting and talking with working moms about the work-family balance.  Over the summer, she and I sat on my back porch and talked about the horrible tragedy where the young boys in Israel had been found murdered.  Whereas I was simply appalled to the point of paralysis, Nan was appalled but determined to make a difference.  She was on her way to speak at a memorial service for them and to help in an active way. 
            Both my sons love Nan.  Especially Michael (see his YouTube video).  Little Michael, at age 10, is a very precocious child.  He senses stuff.  As a matter of fact, since he was about 7 years old, he would meet someone and moments later sum them up in two words.  And be right on point.  He would meet the coaches at the Boathouse, and come up with nicknames that stick with them to this day.  At 7 years old, he sorted the coaches into:  Big Coach, Nice Coach, Tough Coach, and Married Coaches (anyone who was around the Boathouse 3 years ago can figure those out).  After Nan left the BBQ at my house over the Summer, Little Michael turned to me and said:
-“I hope Nan gets elected again.” 
-Why is that, I asked him? 
- “Because,” said Michael, “she really likes me.”
And there you have it, folks.  Little Michael seems to have a sixth sense about people.  My husband and I are more politically involved than I let on,  although I usually don’t blog about it.  But, truth be told our kids have met a LOT of politicians.  And without question, Nan is my kids’ hands down favorite.
            I know Nan Hayworth.  I think it’s fair to say I know her quite well.  She is a good person, and she cares deeply about the children of our area and our nation.
            I think my slogan for her would be:  “Nan Hayworth: Doctor, Mother, and Friend of Little Michael.”
            Election day is coming up, people, whatever you do, get out there and vote.  I hope you vote for Nan but whatever you do, don’t sit home and waste your vote.  A lot of people, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights workers of 1964, gave their lives so that we could all have the right to vote. 
            And with that in mind, have a great day, everyone and, as always, Remember to Count Your Blessings! <3  Mrs. Lo
(Collage of some photos of Nan and the LoBiondo’s, and some fundraisers)