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Friday, October 3, 2014

"Are You Walking Around to a Disney Sountrack?"

“ARE YOU WALKING AROUND TO A DISNEY SOUNDTRACK?” – my family and close friends know I like to live in a “Bubble.”  By that, I mean that I have my own little world comprised of family and close friends, rowing (and more rowing), no outside news except for the Sentinel and other local papers, and the accompaniment of a Disney soundtrack.

            I like to think I have created a happiness bubble.  To do so, I have given up a lot of things that create an Unhappiness Bubble.  For starters, I have not watched television news or read a major newspaper reporting on national news since sometime after 9/11 (yes, I am 13 years news-free).  Many people find this fact somewhere between violative of the Social Covenant  and downright revolutionary.  “How can you live like that?”  Big Coach asked me recently, “when you were a Journalism major at NYU?”  That’s simple.  Most of the ((CENSORED)) out there is not journalism.  Here’s what “The News” seems like to me, now that I have been living a near-Amish lifestyle as far as media content is concerned:    There has been a brutal (FILL IN THE BLANK) in (FILL IN A LOCATION), stay tuned for video proof of the same so you can get sick to your stomach. 
            I do care about local news.  Orange County wants to close the Newburgh DMV:  that’s important news to me and I will blog about it. 
“Don’t you need to know this stuff for work?”  my oldest son (who has to read the New York Times as part of his freshman high school year at Don Bosco Prep) asked incredulously.  No, as a matter of fact, I do not.  I learned a smidgen (not much, truth be told) about being a lawyer in law school, and the rest of it I learned in the last 24 years of practicing law and being a business owner.   
I have a really limited amount of time to do what I need to do; and as I get older I find I have a limited amount of space in my brain, and I would like to save it for stuff that matters.  Like which side of the Courtroom the Plaintiff’s attorney belongs on; the fact that Michael doesn’t like applesauce in his lunchbox and Christian doesn’t like mayo on his sandwiches; where my husband keeps his tuxedo cumberbun; which side Orion prefers to get his belly rubs on; the seat order for my Student Ambassadors Quad; how to remember what direction to point the oarlock when I’m rowing with my Rowing BFF; where Big Coach hides his Cherry Coke; and the 8,000 different passwords that Life Nowadays requires us to be able to recall (Sorry I haven’t been on Pinterest for over a year but I can’t remember my password and I just don’t have the energy to set a new one).
            I’d say the Memory Banks are plenty full right now and I don’t want to overload the circuits.  To help me power down, I like to keep my mind focused on what’s really important -- that’s right, Disney World.  Disney music puts me in a good mood, what can I say.  I used to have all of the Disney songs on CD, then on an iPod, now I keep the Pandora Disney station on.  All the time.  When I’m getting ready in the morning.  In my car driving to Don Bosco football games or to Regattas.  And when I am walking around, the Pandora Disney station is playing songs from Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, or Frozen, while it is sitting in my giant tote bag from – of course – Disney World. 
            I was walking into the lobby of my office building at 275 North recently, and someone stopped me –
“Excuse me but – is that a Disney soundtrack coming out of your bag?” 
Why, yes, I answered, it most certainly is.
“That’s a great idea,” she said.  “We should all walk around with a Disney soundtrack, the world would be a happier place.”
Exactly!  As my grandmother always used to say, the formula for happiness isn’t difficult:  Love your fellow man, mind your beeswax, honor God every day, and sing a happy tune.  In my case, that would be a whole bunch of Disney tunes.  Have a great day, everyone and, as always, Remember to Count Your Blessings! <3 Mrs. Lo (Here we are goofing off during our last trip to Disney World, December 2013)