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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas at NYU

THE LITTLE THINGS.  Today's snowy day reminds me of my first snowfall in NYC.  Michael and I are so excited to see Broadway's newest musical comedy, "In Transit," at Circle in the Square.  There's nothing like New York City when it snows.  

I will never forget my first snowfall in NYC.  I was an 18 year old freshman at NYU.  I had a group of friends, including Ronnie, a crazy brilliant Conservative Jew from Atlanta Georgia.  Ronnie had never seen snow and he was soooo excited.  He really wanted it to snow before we all went on break.  We were in our dorm on Fifth Avenue and 10th Street.  My roommate Noriko woke me up to tell me it was snowing.  It was 3am.  At first I was like, who cares, I'm tired!! Then I remembered Ronnie.  I got on my coat and boots and ran outside.  

There were no cars on Fifth Avenue.  But there were a bunch of my friends and they were playing touch football in the snow.  Ronnie was delirious with joy he kept diving -- unnecessarily-- for the ball so he could roll around in the snow.  The streetlights were glowing orange, Ronnie was dressed for Antarctica, and somebody put on Bruce Springsteen.  I remember looking around.  We were 18, young, athletic, and all majoring in different subjects, from all over the country.  I wish I could take that moment and save it forever in a snow globe it really was magical.  But 33 years later I'm taking my son in to see a show and I will get to see him experience his first snowfall in NYC.  

"Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." ~~ 

Kurt Vonnegut 

Have a great day everyone 💛 Mrs. Lo (Photo of Washington Square, NYU, in the snow)