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Friday, April 8, 2016

200 Miles to Dance with My Son

This past winter, I drove over 200 miles a week to take Salsa class and Bachata class with my 15-year-old son.  “You’re crazy!” said one friend lovingly.  “You’re paying so much money for gas!,” said an acquaintance.  “It’s too much for both of you,” worried my family members.  But they didn’t know what I know:

That every moment spent in the car with your teenage son is precious, because soon they won’t need Mom to drive;
That every moment spent dancing with your son is worth 7 years in Mom Life;
That it truly seems like just yesterday I was singing and dancing with my son in Music and Me Class, and my whole week revolved around those two morning classes;
That Christian used to be an Irish step dancer in 3rd grade, ever so briefly, and I always knew he had a gift for dancing;
That dancing nourishes the soul, and dancing with you son is simply priceless;
That my father and my mother’s ancestors came to this great nation so that every generation could do successively better; and every generation has; and that while my husband and I raised our sons to be equipped to go away to college and succeed;  I had no idea I would start crying every time a brochure from a college comes in the mail;
That there are only 121 Saturdays before Christian leaves for college and I would have driven 500 miles to dance with him;
So yes, all winter, every Monday and Tuesday night, I drove 40 miles  from Newburgh to Ramsey, NJ where my son had indoor rowing practice; then 41 miles to Elements of Style Dance Studio in Middletown NY for Salsa Class; then 23 miles to get back home.  He is a very good dancer and I was bursting with pride each class.
But then again, that’s how we moms are.  We are so proud of every little accomplishment.  Remember when your kid finally learned to tie their shoes?!  Admit it, you secretly thought your child was a genius -- all moms think that, it’s OK.
It’s a wonderful thing going to dance class with your teenage son.  Everyone else saw a handsome young man, a prep school student-athlete.  Who was a great dancer.  But not me.  I was half seeing us dance, and I was half remembering all those many moments in Music and Me when we sat in a circle and sang and danced and played.  And now look at my Boy.  
We are on hiatus for now due to my son’s hellacious varsity spring crew schedule.  But we hope to return after spring crew is over.  And I will again be happy to drive 200 miles to dance with my son.
Have a great day everyone and, as always, Remember to Count Your Blessings! <3 Mrs. Lo