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Friday, June 19, 2015

Growing up LoBiondo: Summer Edition

Hey guys, it’s me, Orion, the only 4-legged member of the LoBiondo Family!  The last time my mom let me write a Guest Blog it was the beginning of Spring!  (In case you haven’t noticed, every time a season changes, Mom lets me get my paws on the keyboard and write something).  Can you believe this weekend is the first day of Summer, and Father’s Day?  And it’s something else pretty big:  my brother Christian is turning 15!

I will never forget when my brother came to adopt me from the Middletown Humane Shelter, that was a whole 6 years ago!  And now my little bro is going to be a soft-a-more in high school.  I don’t know what that it but it sounds a little bit better than being a flesh-man.  Humans, they have such silly names for things.  I’m really glad Christian is done with this school year, he and daddy were up early and had to drive to catch the train.  I don’t know how they catch something so big but they did it every day by 6 am.  Christian had football practice every day, then winter track practice, then crew practice.  And mom had to make him two lunches and a protein shake and protein packs and fruit salad and Nutriblast every night for school the next day.  Gee, I get tired thinking about all that running around and I’m a lab!  Why they can’t just throw each other a tennis ball and jump up and catch it with their teeth is a mystery to me but there’s no accounting for humans.  That’s OK, I love them even more because they’re so silly like that.
Now Christian is back at the Newburgh Rowing Club which is much better because we get to spend more quality time together.  I used to have a LOT more energy than Christian and my other brother Michael.  They could throw the tennis ball to me for HOURS and I would never stop.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing catch with the tennis ball but after a few throws, I’m good.  I can rest a little, I am 56 in human years after all.
In other big news this season:  My mom bought me a GIANT dog bed.  Like, you could fit a small human in there.  And I do.  Michael likes to snuggle up with me sometimes.  And the biggest news is (DRUMROLL PLEASE) -- I am now allowed all the way upstairs to the bedroom land.  Yeah, they used to not let me go up there, they were afraid because Christian used to have Al-It-Juries -- whatever that is -- and my parents thought my hair would make him sneeze or something.  Anyway, they must have forgot all about that because now I can go upstairs anytime I want!  I still like to sleep by my parents so I can guard them from the evil squirrels.  Those beady eyed things are always trying to get in and attacking the bird feeder so they can get fatter and fatter.  Curse you Evil Squirrels, you are the bain of my existence!  (Can you see me shaking my paw at the sky??)
Michael was just a little poop-kicker when my family adopted me.  But now he’s getting to be a big boy too.  Next year he goes to middle school.  My mom says it doesn’t seem possible she has no more kids in elementary school and spends a lot of time looking at their baby pictures.  She’s silly like that.
This summer is going to be AWESOME!  RAD!  I’m going to Summer Rowing Camp at the Newburgh Rowing Club, I’m going to rowing camp at Princeton (Go Tigers, even if you are cats!), I’m going to Drama Camp in Sugarloaf and .... wait, what?  You’re kidding.  That’s so unfair, Mom!
OK, correction, my Mom says I’m not going to any of those camps, my brothers are.  (Mom, not even Princeton?)  Yea, that’s a no.  
Anyway, we are all back together again after a long school year and we’re going to have lots of Barbie-cues on the back deck and build campfires and have S’mores and do fun stuff.
Are you kidding me, Now?  In the middle of my Summer Blog?  You guys are just - you know - evil.  Gotta go, the Evil Squirrels are back, trying to get to the bird feeder and I’ve got to go bark my head off.  Humans --  a dog’s work never ends, you guys know that, right?
Signing off, Orion LoBiondo (and oh yeah, my Mom said don’t forget to Count Your Blessings!)