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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where You Can Find Mrs. Lo on Black Friday

I love everything about Thanksgiving, from making the Turkey dinner to the Tryptophan-induced haze while we all watch the Detroit Lions. I consider Thanksgiving to be a 4-day holiday and we have always given our staff a paid day off on the day after Thanksgiving, now known as “Black Friday.” However, you will NOT find Mrs. Lo out shopping on Black Friday. For one thing, I avoid any shopping events that have a website dedicated to it called “” (not kidding). And a Twitter hashtag #Walmart fights — which became a national phenomenon last year, a kind of window into what really happens in the big box stores on Black Friday (hint: it’s not like Whoville, with everyone singing Fahoo Fores).

Kettle Bell Michael Kieirstin
Here are some places you will find Mrs. Lo this Thanksgiving holiday:
• Collecting donations for, decorating for, and volunteering at the Newburgh Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving Dinner for our neediest citizens. Want to appreciate all you have? Lend a hand to those who are truly in need. The whole idea of braving Black Friday to save $20.00 on a video game is not our guests’ lexicon. At the Newburgh Salvation Army, I have met some of the most loving and appreciative people, just happy to have a hot meal. It helps put it all in perspective.

• At Sam’s Club, Price Chopper, Adam’s and Nature’s Pantry. Yes, I shop or food at 4 different stores, that’s the way the food world is setup nowadays. Sam’s is great for buying things in bulk. It has been a real lifesaver for me in many ways. And an epic fail in so many others. Does anyone want some Dental Floss – because I still have about 50 boxes left – or maybe Qtips? I’m pretty sure I’ll be packing those off with Christian when he goes to college. And then there’s Nature’s Pantry for all my KMF products, my gluten free pasta, my many seeds, and “Organic voo-doo crap” as my husband affectionately refers to it (“Honey, it is just me or is everything we eat now a little bit crunchier?”)

• At the Marlboro TOMVAC first thing Thanksgiving Day, taking a Zumba Class with Kattya, to get ready for the cooking marathon about to take place. Nothing feels better than sweating and dancing before a great big feast. Of course, in my case it does give me a feeling that I need to eat even more. (“A slice of pie? Better make it two, I went to Zumba this morning!”)

• In the kitchen with my Apron on, happily preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, then serving it to my Family. Followed by everyone piling on top of each other to watch football, while having seconds, and thirds, on TV trays. That’s the best party, watching everyone go back for more. And then there’s the belching. Let’s get real, when you are surrounded by males, there is a lot of belching on Thanksgiving. But hey, that has traditionally been considered a compliment — although a simple, “Great turkey, Mom” would be sufficient.

• At Water’s Edge Spa on the day after Thanksgiving, having Marianne work those sore, tired muscles and get them all smoothed out, getting the blood flowing and getting out all the toxins from all the Pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

Where you will NOT find me: at any retail store on Thanksgiving Day, night, or Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist through and through, I am all for keeping the economy going with shopping in general. I’m just not going to be out there with you guys who enjoy this contact sport.

There are so many fistfights, bloody noses and just general pandemonium at #Walmartfights from last year’s Black Friday, I actually got stressed watching them. (I quickly soothed myself with Pumpkin pie and extra whipped cream). Then there was the shopper in Las Vegas last year walking down the street with his newly purchase big screen TV, who was shot by some criminal taking his TV; the alleged shoplifter in Chicago who pinned a police officer leading to shots fired; the stabbing in a Virgina Walmart parking lot over a parking space. And the horrors of 2008 when a worker was trampled to death when shoppers rushed the entrance.

OSHA has actually issued a warning to retailers that shopping on Black Friday is dangerous to workers’ health, and mandated that stores should emergency plans in place that account for “crowd-crushing, being struck by the crowd, violence, and fire”
Ummm, no thanks. Truth be told, I Christmas shop all year round and I’m pretty much done by now. I would much rather take the money I would have saved and donate it to my many charities. Or spend it on myself with a well deserved massage … say it with me, Ahhhhhhhh!

Maybe this anti-Black Friday thing of mine is because there is really nothing in the world I want that badly that I have to go out on #WalmartFightsFriday and get it. Now, if Nature’s Pantry were having a big sale on flax seeds and goji berries, that might be different!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone, remember to Count Your Blessings, and really, truly love and appreciate those around you. If you’re lucky enough to have family coming over or are going to visit family, remember how blessed you really are — and remember and say a prayer for those in our very community who have no family, no food, no homes <3 Mrs. Lo (Photo of Little Michael and Kierstin ringing the Kettle Bell for the Newburgh Salvation Army at the Newburgh Mall – remember the money you put in the Red Kettles this season stays right here in Newburgh and helps us with our free hot breakfast and dinner that we serve daily all year long!)