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Friday, September 13, 2013

TRADITIONS: One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

TRADITIONS: ONE OF THE BEST GIFTS you can give to your children. We have just left Kennebunkport, Maine, where we have had another glorious beach vacation, for the 13th summer in a row. Christian was a year old when we first came up here; he slept in a little hotel crib at the famed but not so child-friendly Nonantum Resort. Michael was 5 months old the first summer he came up here. That was the year Mommy forgot to pack his clothes and we had to go to the Mall and buy whatever I could find for him (honest, that outfit was coral, not pink!) Now, we are heading home extra early in the morning so we can get Christian to his walk-through this afternoon, in preparation for his first Football game tomorrow. Things have changed over the years. When we first started coming up here, I was either not working or working part-time, and we saved all year to stay in a motor lodge for the week. Now we rent a small but classic house literally across the street from the Beach. We used to put up one of those "baby tents" because Michael couldn't tolerate the sun. We carried them down to the ocean and were amazed when they would splash. Now the two of them swim, snorkel and boogie board all day long. I used to buy groceries at the local market which would last all week. Now, I drive two towns over to Hannaford, fill up two grocery carts, then go back mid-week for more groceries. That's how much food this family consumes. We learned to avoid crowded, pricey restaurants and love to have breakfast, lunch and BBQ dinners on the beach or our sun porch. We have seen businesses in town come and go. But some traditions have remained the same. Early every morning, Anthony and I sit on the bench across the street from the house and have our coffee as we watch the sun rise over the beach. Every year, we go to Bartley's for lobster roll and homemade blueberry pie. Every year, we take the narrated Trolley Tour and I correct the driver on at least one fact (). And every night as we sit down to dinner with the sand all over our sun porch, we bow our heads and thank God for his bounty, especially allowing us to have this magical Kennebunkport vacation every year. Whether your family is small, large, intact, blended or all grown up, be sure to create traditions for your kids and grandkids. It creates a sense of stability and structure, which children so desperately need. Whether it's going camping or going to the Hamptons, what will matter is that you are together, and that your kids can count on it. Have a great day, everyone!  Mrs. Lo