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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Mrs. Lo Went on a Cruise and Lost Weight

Mrs. Lo had never been on a cruise before.  Everyone said get ready to gain weight, so I got ready.   I brought stretchy clothes and extra roomy T-shirts.  In fact, I lost 8 pounds in 5 days.  Now, I usually don't weigh myself.  But it so happened that I went to the doctor right before my cruise and right after.  The best advice I have for other cruisers who want to lose weight or at least stay the same weight:  just do what your kids do, assuming you have very active children.  Christian, my 13 yo, wanted to go to the gym every day, but he needed to have a parent with him, so I ended up working out at the gym every day.  Also, I was with the Little Kids a lot and they don't walk so much as do that combo walk-run that kids do when they're excited all the time.  Let's play mini-golf, run!  Let's go to the arcade on the 12th floor, run!  I also swam and snorkeled with the kids, and took every dance class that was offered:  ballroom, salsa, and cha cha.  Both of my kids, Christian in particular, had no patience for the overcrowded elevators.  So we took the stairs, 10 floors up and 10 floors down, over and over.  At first, I objected because I was wearing heels.  "You told me when you lived in New York, you walked all over Manhattan in 4-inch heels," quipped my 13 yo.  Why, oh why, does my son remember everything I say, it's like walking around with a stenographer.  I should note that I ate just what I ate at home, nothing more, nothing less.    Thus, now that I am home, I think we know what all this means:  pass the pasta, Anthony, Momma needs to get back in shape!  Remember to count your blessings and have a great week, everyone <3 Mrs. Lo